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Need Help With Your NFT Project?

What kind of NFT are you running?
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What is your monthly NFT marketing budget?
$ 2,500
$ 5,000
$ 10,000 +
What are your goals with the project in one sentence?
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To help your company grow, we want to understand your goals. With that, we can provide you with a complete road map towards achieving them. Part of that is understanding your competition. Everybody wants to be the best in their field. To achieve success, we audit your competitors and find out what is working and what is not. All this to help you save time, money, and effort on things that do not work and focus on what does.

Strategy & White Paper

Understanding the steps needed to beat your competitors is essential when understanding the length of the project, and how we will effectively tackle your digital marketing. The essence of a project is its description, since the word is the first means of communication available to anyone and any project seeking to be heard. As such, having a properly written description of the project is essential for attracting the attention of both investors and average users. Creating a white paper to match the essence of a project is no easy task, since a professional white paper requires not only high quality language, but also the efforts of all members of a crypto project team to bear full meaning.​ 

Design & Minting

This is where things get fun. Whether you choose to opt for bespoke designs, procedural generation using our cutting edge Art Engine or anything in-between we've got you covered. With multiple artist on staff we are sure you'll find a style that suits your business. Once we've settled on the design, we utilize Ethereum or Solana to mint your NFTs. One of the best things about NFT creation is that of earning royalties on every sale of that NFT for its lifetime. With us, you get 100% control over the NFTs, payable to any wallet of your choice.


Launching everything into action will be the start of your new marketing strategy. Taking every step we have planned and carefully following the laid-out road map to reach your business goals.​

Why Choose My Brand Expert?

 NFTs are certainly the future of the art world. Almost every industry has now started to reap the benefits offered by the quick sale of NFT tokens. The general belief is that the value of NFTs will grow in the future. Therefore, the competition among businesses looking to launch their own NFT tokens is getting bigger. MBE offers a specialized and professional approach to market your brand before your target audience. 

Take the next big leap in NFT promotion by joining hands with our expert marketing company that understands your business goals.

When you hire MBE, you get a digital marketing team that manages your entire digital marketing towards quantifiable results. The marketing strategy that we present is based on your company’s business requirements and objectives.

 We assign specialists to your project specific to your business requirements and objectives. We have specialists within most areas of digital marketing and make certain that you always have access to the expertise you need in order to succeed.

 The starting point for all work is your business objectives, which are translated into key figures that we quantify and report on to you. This way, you can rest assured that your investment shows a return for your business.

Marketing Strategy

Facebook Marketing

Are you making use of Facebook as a marketing platform yet?
It is a straightforward, yet powerful marketing platform that allows you to market your services and products through some of the biggest social media platforms, namely Facebook and Instagram. At MBE we offer a wide range of marketing services including building and increasing your Social Media following, ad campaigns for increasing your Brand Awareness, promotions, and much more.

Google Marketing

Google is a very popular search engine and gets over 3 billion searches per day. With Google Pay Per Click Ads you increase your visibility exponentially. This marketing platform allows you to drive good-fit customers and qualitative traffic to your business while they’re searching for similar products and services. With Google Pay Per Click Ads, you can receive more phone calls, boost your website traffic, and more. 

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, a.k.a SEO, is what makes it easy to find your website. With the help of our SEO expert, you will rank higher in search engines and drive more traffic to your site organically. This is an important part of improved marketing, where you can impact how many sales can be generated for a lower cost. At MBE we make sure your content is aligned with the requirements of SEO.

Funnel Design

Does your Funnel need some fresh, new content? Maybe you need to add some new information or you need to build your first Funnel? Professionally created Funnels, which is well structured, informative, and optimized for search engines is crucial for any business.


Branding & ID

Does your brand have a unique identity that stands out among the crowd? MBE can make your brand stand out. We will develop a brand identity for you that represents your company values and products/services.

UX Design

User experience (UX) deals with the overall experience customers have when interacting with a product. Products designed with the customer experience in mind are easy to use and provide a positive experience. At MBE we will make sure that your customer is smiling all the way when interacting with your products.

Video Recording

Facebook Live’s and YouTube videos are a great way to create and increase awareness. We help you to create videos with stunning visuals that will make your customers stop and watch. We assist with both edited and Live streaming videos.

Messaging & Positioning

Do your customers know the great value that you are offering? At MBE we define your current brand positioning, research what your competitors are doing, identify what makes your brand unique, write your positioning & messaging statement and then make sure it works.


Social Media Management

Marketing on the various Social Media Platforms have proven effective, but it can be very time consuming, especially if your talents don’t lie in content creation. At MBE we have experts in content writing and graphic design and we make sure that your brand is put out there and that you remain current and relevant. In the Social Media world consistency is key, and we are masters at consistency.

Community Management

Nothing irritates a customer more than being ignored. With Community Management we make sure that every comment is attended to, every question is answered and that your customers feel noticed. A happy customer is a frequent customer.

Email Marketing

Did you know that the subject line of an email can be the difference between clicking open or delete? Let us run your email marketing campaigns, making sure your emails are filled with valuable content, and kick-ass subject lines that convert your target market into buying customers.

Air Drop

Crypto Airdrops are an excellent marketing strategy to promote your virtual currency. It’s not that easy to pull off, so make use of the professionals and minimise the risk of dropping it in the wrong place or time. We utilize several platforms and are here to help you navigate the exciting world of crypto currency.

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